This zone is for you if you already have a wedding services business, such as photographer, florist, MUA, etc. or wedding planning business.

I have been a wedding entrepreneur for nearly 20 years and I LOVE helping people grow businesses they love which gives them the money and freedom to enjoy life. Being in the wedding industry is a great choice of business as people will always get married! However getting clients and managing your business can be difficult and a lonely path if you are a solo entrepreneur.

If any of the following scenarios sound familiar I can help! :

  • You have your website up and running, you’re on social media, maybe you’ve done a wedding show, you know you have so much to offer but you’re hearing crickets when it comes to bookings.
  • You get some enquiries in and you put your heart and soul into each but when it gets close to the booking they stop communicating, they stop emailing, don’t return your calls or worse still they take your info and book directly! They have completely wasted your precious time.
  • You don’t know how to capture clients through social media, you know about Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. but there are so many you don’t know which to use best to get clients.

Trying to figure everything out and not get client bookings in after lots of hard work can make you feel disappointed and frustrated. You feel like giving up. Well don’t!

I know exactly how you feel because I was there. After a year or two of running my wedding business I was struggling to get bookings. I’d take each none booking as a personal rejection, I’d feel disappointed, I questioned myself and my ability. This started to become bitter and resentful so I decided to give up and I stopped wedding planning for two years. During that two years I started to invest in myself. I did lots of online marketing courses and workshops and I began to recognise what I had been doing wrong in my now wedding planning business. 

I realised it wasn’t me that was the problem it was the systems or lack of systems that were not converting enquiries into clients. It was how I was managing my time and my marketing.

So I relaunched my wedding planning business, developed my own unique systems and within a year I was fully booked. I did weddings in Ireland and New York and dabbled in other countries.

Four years ago I wanted to change direction and specialise in Italy. It meant completely restructuring my business, my website, everything, it was like restarting again. 

But I put the same systems in place and within a year I was fully booked. My systems work!

Through this zone I share business growth advice and tips about entrepreneurship, networking and marketing your biz.

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Twice per year I offer group masterminds and 1 to 1 mentorship programs where we elevate participants wedding businesses to new heights!

So if you have put the sweat and tears into setting up your wedding business but you are failing at getting enquiries or the amount of clients you deserve then this zone is for you!

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