When you are starting or developing a business it’s important to spend at least an hour everyday working on business development. This is not working IN your business but working ON your business. Business development is not about dealing with the every day stuff but it’s about being creative and working on taking steps forward to a new level. It might be writing blogs, networking or answering client emails, whatever it is, it must be a step towards your next level goal of business success.

Now, you may be thinking “Rosie, that’s all well and good for you to say but I am working flat out as it is, I need to do to pay the bills and keep a roof over my head, or/and I have a family to look after, I don’t have a spare hour in my day!”.

Well, I might have a magic solution for you!

There is a phone app (free) called ‘Toggl’ . Download it and start recording everything you do everyday for the next week from the time you get up to the time you go to bed. If you don’t have access to the app just use pen and paper!

Here’s what to do:

Record your log on and log off time you spend on social media, how much time watching TV, what time you get up at and go to bed at, how much time cleaning your home, travelling to work, eating out, etc. ANYTHING that is taking up your time.

At the end of the week assess where your spare time is being spent.

The average adult spends 3.5 hours watching TV per day and 2.3 hours on social media per day – it this is you, think about how much progress you could make in your business this year if you controlled that time better! Even if you spent half of that time on your business everyday by this time next year think about how far along your business will have gone to the next level of success.

If you spend 5 hours per week cleaning your home – can you delegate some of this to someone else in the household or perhaps get a cleaner in? This is not an extravagance, if you spend $£€10 per hour on employing help which means it frees up you to concentrate on your business so that you can make $50 per hour – that makes financial sense doesn’t it?

Learn on the Move

If you spend 1-2 hours commuting to work, use that time to develop your business skills by listening to business coaching podcasts about social media marketing or whatever, but make the time count as a step towards your business goals.


So download ‘Toggl’ today or carry a small notebook and pen with you and start recording your time spent.

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