One of things that start up wedding planners struggle with most is having the confidence to take on their first ‘real’  job.  I’m not talking about friends or relatives weddings I’m talking about co-ordinating a wedding for a stranger who is paying them to do a good job.  You may feel like a ‘fake’ or that people will see through you that you are ‘chancing your arm’ at being a pro for something so enjoyable as wedding planning! Once you get a few ‘first times’ under your belt, your confidence builds and the fear goes.

I help my students over come that fear by allowing them (when possible) to work with me with some of my clients or sharing with them solutions to brides questions and wedding dilemmas. That’s the advantage of having a mentor who is in the profession rather than just doing a course in a classroom environment!

A bride-to-be from New Jersey, contacted me about 2 years ago about her wedding in Ireland and we have been plotting and planning ever since. I knew I was going to be away in Italy  for the actual wedding day so I asked my client if she would be happy having one of my trusted wedding students to do the ‘on the day co-ordination’. She was very open to the idea, so I gave the job of co-ordinating the day to Deirdre, one of my trusted students. I knew she would be able for it and it would help get that ‘first wedding fear’ out of the way!

I let the service providers I had booked for the wedding know it was Dee’s first wedding co-ordination job. It’s important to be honest with vendors when it’s your first solo wedding job or if you haven’t done a wedding in a particular venue or area before.  When you are honest with vendors they will be more than happy to help you, be an extra set of hands if needed and give you insider knowledge and tips! This is not just because people in the wedding industry tend to be fantastic people 🙂 but they will also want you to be successful so that you will think of them in the future!

Everything went amazingly well including the weather for Sarah and Joe’s wedding and they have just sent a lovely long thank you letter to me:

‘I am still recovering from what was quite possibly the most exhilarating week of my life!  Everything went as close to perfect as we could have ever hoped for, and I have so much to say the thought of trying to capture it all was overwhelming… Thank you for all you did to make such an incredible experience possible for us and for our families.  I keep telling everyone the day was as close to perfect as anyone could ever hope for and I mean that genuinely.  When I felt paralyzed by the great unknown ahead, you kept us on track, and what a beautiful place it brought us to! Many, many thanks.’

Sarah (& Joe) Arney, New Jersey

Wedding at Coolcarrigan on 23rd April 2013

In the long version they gave a nice mention of  Deirdre’s assistance on the day:

Deirdre  was great and very flexible considering she came on the scene the day of, and all the wacky Americans running this way and that.  She even handled the ceremony music in a last-minute switcheroo.  She really contributed to the relaxed atmosphere and handled the vendors pretty much totally independently …

Dee can now use what they said about her as a testimonial. Testimonials are so important to your wedding business as other people’s opinion of what you do carries so much more weight than you ranting about yourself!

One of the things I hate about my job is when each wedding is over. While I feel a sense of relief that it all went to plan, I miss the contact I have with the brides that I’ve got to know so well. I’m going to particularly miss Sarah!


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