Pinterest has more than 10.5 million users with 2 million users per day each spending an average of 73 minutes on the site; 97% of users are female and weddings are one of the hottest topics. The majority of digital savvy brides-to-be will soon be using Pinterest to plan their wedding.

So as a wedding planner you should be on Pinterest!

What is Pinterest?

Creating inspiration boards and dream boards has become a huge trend in recent years. Pinterest has fed into this as a virtual cork board site which allows the user to digitally collect, organize and share their favourite images and ideas such as fashion, photography, places, recipes, etc. Users can create as many boards as they like such as Books I Love, Places to Go, Wedding Dresses, etc. and pin images from websites or upload images from their computer or phone. Other users can then “repin” these images to their own boards, which can then be repined again and again by other users who view these boards. This is a great way to collect ideas for weddings and to push traffic back to your website.

How To Use Pinterest for Wedding Business Promotion

Make Sharing Easy

  • Assemble some good quality photos relating to your service.
  • Upload these shots to your website.
  • Make the images easy to share by embedding the pin code on your website or blog.
  • Flash images or slideshow images cannot be shared, so instead of recreating your whole website, create a gallery of images that can be easily pined from your site.

Following the steps/tips above will make it easy for “Pinners” to collect your images and share them with the world in the same way your content can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Create Your Own Pinterest Account

Pinterest isn’t made for direct customer engagement which is actually against its terms of use. Pinterest isn’t about promoting brands. It’s about letting consumers share what they like, so you need to make your visuals attractive, desirable, inspirational and aspirational.

Once you have your photographs up on your website, start a Pinterest account, download the ‘Pin It’ Bookmark tool (step-by-step instructions are given when you start your account) and pin images FROM your website and blog. When images are repined by other users the original website source stays credited under the image. So if you have an attractive photo relating to your wedding service business and it is repined 100 times, there is a good chance that one of those 100 repinners will click on the source website and thus visit your website – increased traffic to your site will help with your Google search rankings and make your site more visible on the internet.

If you upload images from your computer or phone, the credit will state “uploaded by user”. This will trace back to your Pinterest account, so be sure to have an engaging photo and a concise profile description of you and your business, using keywords and with a link to your website. Once you have uploaded images you can click on “edit” and edit the photo’s description and link it back to your website in the edit section. Pin from your website when possible as it is more customer friendly. Also be sure to write a short description of the image when you pin it.

Self-promotion is actively discouraged on Pinterest, so it’s important that businesses don’t simply create boards that just link back to their retail site. The trick of good Pinterest use is engagement rather than aggressively pushing a product or service. To do this, promote your service as part of a wider lifestyle choice or part of a theme. For instance, as a wedding planner you could use Pinterest as part of your social promotional package for advertising clients and have a “Gorgeous Wedding Venues” Board and “Best Honeymoon Suites” Board which can feature venues and products you use on it. These complementary images can be found through repining, which will help interaction with other pinners.

A good example of brand promotion on Pinterest is Gap: rather than using boards to showcase its collections, the fashion company uses more subtle marketing techniques – its “I want candy” board collates images of colourful sugary snacks alongside its “I want candy” clothing collection. The company also repines images of people wearing Gap clothing so they make a personal connection with fans and develop a following.

The big benefit for small business is that it expands your visibility and can potentially become a lead generator because it increases the number of people who share what they find; the number of incoming links to your site will increase and build your credibility also. As your service will be exposed to a broader audience, there is a likelihood that your service will be discovered by people who never knew that they wanted it.

How Pinterest Can Work for Wedding Businesses

Wedding Product Suppliers

Basically the more people view, pin and share their images, the more traffic and exposure they can get for their website. For some wedding businesses such as florists, cake artists, bridal shops  and wedding suppliers who use e-commerce, the methods of promotion through Pinterest are obvious. As long as they remember to post creative photos of their products that engage people and drive people to their site.

Wedding Venues

Create “Must Visit” boards with scenic shots from their county and direct area and boards with photos from annual events. They can create a board “Weddings at X” and feature previous brides’ photos, centrepieces, close-ups of table settings – these could be “pinned” from photographers’ websites that have done weddings at their venue. They could inspire brides-to-be and make their planning process easier by pinning photos of bouquets, cakes, etc. from local suppliers’ websites. 

Wedding Photographers

They could put up quirky or inspirational photos.

Other Wedding Suppliers

More obscure non-visual wedding services can also use Pinterest. A wedding childminding service for instance, could pin photos of cute paintings kids did of the brides and grooms or crafts they created while being cared for – be careful of child protection laws regarding uploading pics of kids.

Be creative and enjoy the interaction, as this will come across on your boards!

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