Here’s what some of my previous graduates had to say:

Yana Makliassova (UK)Peach Perfect Weddings:
With so many wedding planner training courses out there it was really difficult to find the right one! I went with Rosie, because I felt that she would teach me the ropes of planning from personal experience.

I started the course in October 2013 and I was dealing with my first enquiries by June 2014. Dealing with enquiries and referrals has been one of the most educational aspects of my learning experience so far and I am so grateful that Rosie was kind enough to refer clients to me and guide me through my first few enquiries!

The mentoring aspect was the best part of the Ultimate Wedding planner Program for me! Rosie’s emails are always very clear and contain a lot of information. Our Skype calls were always very eye opening and I looked forward to them each time. What I like most about Rosie’s course is that she gets personally invested in her students and that is not something any other wedding planning course I’ve seen does. It’s really reassuring that even after I’m finished the course I can still email Rosie questions – and she is always so helpful!

Rosie you are worth every cent you charge, I mean it! THANK YOU for your continuous support.


 Emily Stoner (UK)  Weddings By Emily Charlotte :

Since I started the course I have identified my target market and the direction that I want to go in, decided on my first destination location, I’ve finished my website, have done 3 styled shoots  and got my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram accounts up and running. 

I’ve also been to Italy where I not only found some locations and suppliers to start me off but also met an amazing bunch of wedding planners from all over the world.

The most beneficial part for me has been the 1-2-1 mentoring and being able to learn from Rosie’s experience. Also, being invited to Italy was invaluable for me; it helped me get an understanding of how destination weddings work and spending time with like minded people.

I would absolutely recommend Rosie’s program, I have nothing bad to say about it, it has been 100% worth the money as you focus on the business start up side which is way more beneficial than learning everything that I could just read on the internet. Also the real life experience and exposure has been amazing.


Edith McDermott (Ireland)

When I decided to start my own wedding planning business and after researching the internet, there were a lot of identical courses available, however, all of them were not bringing me what I wanted most…how to run a successful wedding planning business. 

So, when I came across Rosie’s Ultimate Wedding Planner Program, I was very pleased and excited. What made it different from other courses is that Rosie’s program focuses on what is necessary to know to have a successful business (it doesn’t teach you how to compile a guest list, invitations, what is the best seating plan lay-out, flowers, wedding outfit…those things can be learned by reading magazines or internet search). This program is based on what I needed to learn to be up and running in no time and I don’t have any regret in signing up for Rosie’s Ultimate Wedding Planner Program, it is be best decision I made.

Since I started the program, I felt more and more confident in running my own wedding planning business. At the beginning, I was anxious to know how I would manage once I would be on my own but Rosie reassured me and and it was great to know she was here when I finished the program in case I had queries or concerns.

I enjoyed the entire program but what I really liked was the genuine tips and advices that Rosie gives you, whether it is through the modules or my one to one Skype session. All modules are interesting and what I like about it is that Rosie gave me all the necessary tools to start my own business (contracts template, terms and conditions, checklists, worksheets, bonus tips, how to make extra income in low season…).

I would highly recommend Rosie’s program. From our first contact, she puts you at ease and what is great is that I could do the program at my own pace. Also, it makes it easier to learn when you have a mentor who has years of experience in this field, who is passionate about what she is doing, who is very professional and who invests herself in her students and their success.

Within few weeks in the program, I had my first wedding booked through a referral from Rosie. It was fantastic as I could put in practice what I learned and it allowed me to gain experience. Also, being guided every steps of the way, I was then even more confident as I knew that once I would be on my own at the end of my program, I would know exactly how to proceed with enquiries from start to finish.


Svitlana Olifer, (Dubai)

At the beginning the fee was a bit scary not only because it is high but because you do not meet the mentor physically, everything is online, via Skype. I made my mind to go with Rosie’s your training because I felt that behind there is a lot of experience and knowledge. This is how I made my choice. Rosie gives a complete picture of running and starting a business, from A to Z. I do event planning but if I had only one business (wedding planning), nothing additional, I would have started immediately after or during last modules of the course. I found the information about website development and marketing very useful.

I would recommend Rosie’s program or sure! So far it is the best online program I have seen, Rosie’s support throughout the course and after is incredible.



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