The Most Productive Thing You Can Do For Your Wedding Business

Whether you have a wedding business set up or whether you are just starting out, this is the most effective thing you can do for your business and yourself! If saves you a heap of time and helps you reach your goals fast.

Here’s What to Do About Your Daily To Dos:

Get yourself a hard back notebook (I love notebooks but it doesn’t have to be anything fancy just a school hardback).

At the end of each day, give yourself 15 minutes RECAP to list your To Dos for the following day on one page.

When you get to your desk the next day ‘highlight’ the things that must be done that day. 

Then ‘star’ the thinks that have been on your To DO list for 3 days, these are the things that you have been putting on the back burner and get them done first no matter how painful! Tackle these first, don’t let them move on to the next days to do list!

Then tackle the highlighted To Dos.

Then do the remaining things on your list – if you run out of time in the day, then move these to your next days ‘To Do’ list on the next page, during your 15 minute end of day recap.

This is the simplest thing ever but it amazes me how many people get through a day without direction from a daily  ‘To Do’ list!  Do it for your business (and life!) and you will be amazed how much you achieve each week!

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