london wedding planner yanaThis is the lovely testimonial from Yana who recently completed the Ultimate Wedding Planner Training Program:

“With so many wedding planner training courses out there it was really difficult to find the right one! I went with Rosie, because I felt that she would teach me the ropes of planning from personal experience.

“I started the course in October 2013 and I was dealing with my first enquiries by June 2014. Dealing with enquiries and referrals has been one of the most educational aspects of my learning experience so far and I am so grateful that Rosie was kind enough to refer clients to me and guide me through my first few enquiries!

“The mentoring aspect was the best part of the Ultimate Wedding planner Program for me! Rosie’s emails are always very clear and contain a lot of information. Our skype calls were always very eye opening and I looked forward to them each time. What I like most about Rosie’s course is that she gets personally invested in her students and that is not something any other wedding planning course I’ve seen does. It’s really reassuring that even after I’m finished the course I can still email Rosie questions – and she is always so helpful!

“Rosie you are worth every cent you charge, I mean it! THANK YOU for your continuous support.”

Yana Makliassova – 


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