Wedding fairs usually happen in late autumn or spring, during the ‘quiet’ wedding season. As a wedding planner you may get asked or you could offer to run wedding fairs for venues. These are a great way to generate additional income for you in the ‘quiet’ season. Catwalk shows are always popular at wedding fairs. They can look easy when organised correctly but when done incorrectly they can be disastrous and leave paying wedding vendors very unhappy!

Here’s a technique on how to do a bridal catwalk show the right way.

I’m basing this on a bridal catwalk show involving three bridal boutiques and two men’s suit shops.

I have five female models and one male model.

Use a professional model agency rather than volunteers/friends, as models know how to ‘model’ and they know how to change quickly without tearing the merchandise!

In this example each bridal boutique is showing two dresses and each suit shop is showing three suits.

So first let’s put some names on the bridal boutiques:

Bridal Shop 1 – Big Dresses

Bridal Shop 2 – Fancy Brides

Bridal Shop 3 – Zombie Glamour

Suit Shop 1 – Frilly Suits

Suit Shop 2 – Classic Suits

All the stores have been given the dress size of each model and each female model is assigned two dresses by each boutique. So six gowns each in all. Each has their own clothes rack in the dressing room with their six assigned gowns, lined up in order. If possible arrange a fitting for the models prior to the show date to ensure they have the right underwear and shoes, etc.

Any dresses with lots of buttons down the back or that take a lot of time to put on should be shown first.

Each model puts on her ‘Gown 1’ and takes to the runway in the same rotation for each round of gowns. I have put their names alphabetically in the table below to help!

how to run a catwalk show

So Amber goes first in her ‘Gown 1’ from bridal boutique 1, Big Dresses. Then Betty goes next wearing her ‘Gown 1’ from Big Dresses, then Chloe wearing her ‘Gown 1’ from Big Dresses. At this stage Amber is back in the dressing room putting on ‘Gown 2’ that she has been assigned by Big Dresses. So by the time Frank takes to the stage in his first suit, Amber has changed into ‘Gown 2’ by Big Dresses and is ready to take to the catwalk and strut her stuff, as are the other models.

Keep the attire from each boutique shown one after another as this makes the compère’s job a lot easier!

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