It’s the start of the wedding fair season again! Do you know the most important thing you need to make a wedding fair a success for you?

  • Lots of leaflets and business cards? No
  • A sh*t hot looking stand? No
  • Free pens, bags, hats with your logo on it? No
  • Topless models with megaphones? (emmm … now you are worrying me)

The most important thing you need to do to make a wedding fair  a success for you,  is to gather brides-to-be contact details. Here’s why.

Wedding fair attendees are hot leads, so if you get 1000 leads from wedding fairs in the coming months and do great follow up which results in 10% booking your services, that’s 100 bookings.

It’s a business marketing basic: The more hot leads you have to follow up, the higher your conversion rate to bookings.

And the best way to do this is to have a competition.

Step 1: The Prize

The prize does not have to be amazing because wedding fair attendees love competitions – they’ll trade their name and email address for anything that is going to possibly reduce their expenses or make them feel loved up.

So  think of something you could offer from your business – a framed engagement shoot, 100 free favors, a cake, a weekend for 2 at your venue. Do NOT have it as a condition of a booking (ie. Free car for the bridesmaids if you book a bridal car, free parents albums if you book your wedding photos) that’s not being a good sport and leaves the winner feeling crappy rather than good about their win. It’s better to make a genuine offer with a good heart and they’ll repay you with a good testimonial hopefully.

Step 2: The Magic Box

Once you have your prize, create an eye catching breadboard-sized billboard screaming the prize. Beside it have your competition box (simple cardboard box with a slit in the top, pimped out with some wedding wrapping paper will do the trick).

Have it on a table with plenty of room around it so that people can fill out their details and pop them in the box. If you don’t have oodles of free pens or pencils with your business details on them that people can use to complete the form and walk away with, then have pens attached to your table with string (I’m not joking – think of how the banks do it), otherwise you won’t have any pens left after 10 minutes.

Step 3: Your Aim

sample wedding fair sheet

You need to make the process of entering the competition quick and easy so just ask for their name and email address and possibly phone number. This is not the time to get details of when or where or who they are marrying – just quick, basic information so you can contact them in the weeks after the show and tell them all about your business and why they should book you.

To help you during this busy time I have created a free wedding fair sheet for you to use to capture potential lead details. Just click here to download it. (as this is being completed and being given back to you, there is no need for fancy colours or need for logos – quick and simple does the job)!

There are 10 on each page so simply print out 100 copies, (get a willing 10-year-old whom you can bribe with chocolate to cut them up for you), use them all up during your marketing season and taa-daa, you have your 1,000 hot leads ready to convert into bookings!

Best of luck!

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