How to Use ‘Vine’ (app) for Marketing Your Business

Twitter is known for its short and snappy posts. You get 140 characters or less to put out your message. Vine is keeping with this thrifty allowance giving you a total of six seconds of footage per upload. In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Robert De Niro said that six seconds is enough to “tell a whole story”. Who’s gonna argue with the Don?

What is Vine?

Before you ask, it’s not the new wine drinker’s social network. Vine is an app that lets you upload short videos with a continuous loop. It has a lot of money behind it because it’s owned by Twitter. Although the app is optimised for the Twitter platform, you can upload to blogging platforms, YouTube, or share them on your own websites.

What makes this platform super cool for your marketing efforts is the quirky possibilities that six seconds can offer. Your videos can provide little glimpses into your business life, letting you share snippets about the people you work with, your clients, or your suppliers. And keep in mind that general video viewing is trending upwards, with mobile traffic expected to reach 66% in less than four years.

Vine has already outdone Instagram with shares on Twitter and it is growing fast. It’s a quick and fun way of reaching some of Twitter’s half a billion users.

Putting a Voice to Your Words

Twitter is a fantastic way of getting across a straight-to-the-point message. When you have 140 characters or less to work with, you’ve got to really refine what you’re going to say. But they’re still words on a screen. With Vine you’re able to put so much more into each message. There can be so many interpretations of a written message. With video you can pack in some of your personality, your body language, your smile. It’s just one more opportunity to humanise your business.

Rosie The Wedding Planner


You can also use the app to respond to your clients’ questions where a quick answer will suffice. Or try to get your followers to respond with a video message. This is a great way of building interaction.


These snappy little videos also let you highlight certain aspects of your business or your product.

Bridal Shops: Show how the material of a wedding dress moves or a bride-to-be’s first reactions to seeing herself in the mirror with her gown on (only good ones of course!). Jewellery with different necklines.

Venues: A quick panoramic view of your venue, a snapshot of the entertainment options on offer, shots of rooms, or a glimpse of a typical catering spread and guests enjoying themselves?

Florists: the bouquets, ceremony arrangements, mothers bouquets for one client.

Suppliers: Brides often don’t realise the time and effort that goes into professional services, such as the creation process of a cake or album – use it to emphasis the difference between them going DIY and using your pro service.

Create Contests

Everyone loves a good old contest. Promote a contest by creating a vine where the users have to enter by creating their own vine.

Basic Tips

Start with a plan. Make sure you have a plan of what you want to achieve in your six seconds. Rehearse a couple of times before you shoot.

Use a simple storyboard. If you have anything complicated to shoot, you can make it very simple by storyboarding each segment. This comes in very handy if you’re using the new stop-motion ghosting feature.

Video then Vine: Alot Vine’s are selfies. However I got someone to video me while doing ‘my thing’, I then uploaded the result to my computer and used my iphone to record clips I wanted to include. This allowed me to do retakes and to be featured in it. It’s not great but it’s my first effort, so give me a break! (Click here or the image above to view it)

Publish your content on other networks. Don’t ignore your other social networking channels. Post to Facebook and Twitter; even have a Vine section on your own website.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you when you’re using the Vine app is to have fun. If you want more serious videos, have them filmed properly and use YouTube as your platform. Vine is about connecting with your audience. People love Vine because there is no room for lengthy advertisements; there’s only enough room for quirky, fun, small bites of art.

Tell me a way you could use Vine for your business in the comments below or better still share your first Vine!


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