The most common questions I am getting asked about my Ultimate Wedding Planner Training Program is what makes my course different and is there a demand for wedding planners?

About seven years ago I was asked to tutor an online wedding planner course. They sent me the material – a big box with lots of big impressive folders, books and pretty stuff.

But when I started looking at what they were actually teaching I realised most of it was bullsh*t. There was a whole chapter on how to choose wedding rings, when to get them engraved and when to collect them. Buying wedding rings is not part of a wedding planner’s job! If anyone asked me in my role as a wedding planner to buy his or her wedding rings I would run a mile from that job, as it sounds dodgy!

Ah The Meaning Of Flowers

When I looked into what other courses were offering online I realised they were all doing the same thing: how to pick the right dress, how to coordinate groomsmen’s suits with the wedding theme, and my all-time favourite that they all seem to teach: the meaning of flowers … the meaning of flowers;

Who the hell asks about the meaning of the flowers

when they are choosing their wedding flowers?!

This was something introduced in Victorian times so men could tell a woman what he thought of her and how far he wanted to go with her without saying the words! It’s not something you need to know in order to get bookings for your wedding business!

How TO Become A Wedding Planner Course

All the courses seem to do the same thing: they teach students old-style wedding etiquette and how to plan a wedding. Planning a wedding is not rocket science: millions of couples around the world do it every day without the help of a wedding planner. It’s the easiest part of my role as a wedding planner. So why do people need wedding planners: is there a demand?

 I have a saying ‘If you are in the business of births, deaths or marriages, you will always have work’. I chose marriages: it’s less messy than births, they’re usually more fun than funerals and I get to share the most special day of people’s lives with lots of happy people.

Cheap v. Budget

No one wants a cheap wedding: they may have a low fixed budget but they still want the best day of their lives. So they will save and they will spend money on their big day.

And that is probably why lots of people start wedding businesses. They see it as a lucrative market where people spend money and they want a piece of the cake (excuse the pun); they know planning a wedding is not rocket science and it sounds like fun so they pay someone to set up a website, do some marketing and voila! they have a wedding planning business up and running over night. Six months later they are wondering why there is tumbleweed blowing through their office and why they have no bookings. You don’t need a qualification to set up a wedding planning business: you could set up yours tonight without doing any course or my program; thousands do it so there is nothing stopping you doing it, too. There are nearly 500 wedding planners in Tuscany alone – I know because I get contacted by new ones every week wanting to do business with me. So why do I get the clients and they don’t? Why do these wedding planners set up business and expect clients to be beating a path to their door and yet they are struggling to get one single booking while I’m booked out?

To be honest, I set up my wedding business without doing any wedding planning course because there were no such things as wedding planner courses 15 years ago. So I set up, advertised and got one booking the first year and three the next. It was a struggle and I could have given up but I didn’t. Why? Because it was my passion: it was something I was prepared to do for free because I loved it so much and that is the mindset you should have when you are starting out in any business – only do something that you feel passionate about. That’s what set me apart from the others. I kept going because I loved the variety of  challenges wedding planning set me, I loved the multiple ways I could create income streams and I worked at it and developed it while studying and working on other full-time business interests I had.

If I had me to show me what I know now, I would have been full-time much quicker. So that’s the first thing that set me apart and what should set you apart from the other overnight set-ups – only get into the business if you are passionate about it, and not for the money. There is a lot of money to be made from it but if you don’t feel passionate about it, it will show through: you will get annoyed, rather than amused, by difficult clients, and you won’t be creative or enjoy all the fun stuff that the job brings with it. That is the first step in getting clients – being passionate and enthusiastic about your role as a wedding planner.

 So Is There Demand?

Well there are 26,000 weddings in Ireland, 240,000 weddings in the UK and 2.6 million weddings in the USA every year. And that is just three countries. All you need are 20–40 weddings per year to earn €20,000–€60,000 extra income per year.

Twenty weddings out of the millions of weddings that happen every year, that’s all. 

Each wedding takes about 3–5 working days of time. So let’s do the maths – 5 days x 20 weddings = 100 days of work.

That leaves you a hell of a lot of free days and ample time to market yourself and get those clients! As long as you are passionate about what you do, the days you are working are not like work at all because you are being creative and making people’s dreams a reality. 

Other courses teach you how to plan weddings – if you are thinking of wedding planning as a career you have probably already experienced the planning of your own wedding, or you are addicted to watching reality TV wedding shows because you are passionate about weddings, so this is information you probably already know! You could probably write better course material because a lot of time this stuff is written by copywriters and not wedding planners and it gets dated because things change, trends change, and customs and ways of doing things and laws differ from country to country. So something that is seen as perfectly acceptable in one country may not be the norm in the country you are dealing with.

What I do Differently

So what I do differently is I show you how to get your wedding business up and running, I arm you with all the systems, contracts, booking forms, cover letters, etc. that I have spent years developing and perfecting and that I use every day, to make your life easier so that you don’t have to sweat about it. 

I share with you the best ways to get clients, how to package your business, what to charge, how to deal with clients and how to convert enquiries into bookings. So it is all about setting up your wedding planning business and developing your passion.

Not only that but I also give you lifetime access to the private area of This is the site where I give, free of charge, all the hands-on wedding planning advice you will need and that the other courses charge you for. It’s specifically aimed at wedding planners and there’s lots of free information on there already that you or anyone can read and use even if you don’t do my program. However, if you do my program you get to be a Rosie Team member which means you have access to the contacts I have made in different countries, potential add-on income streams to your business, marketing advice and ongoing updated information about wedding planning as a business. I am constantly doing courses to improve my business, as I believe investing in myself and my business makes me the best at what I do and the private members’ area is where I openly share research and information I have learned, with my wedding pro graduates.

So back to ‘Is there a demand?’ Well, as I said, there are millions of weddings happening every year around the world – all you need are 20 of those to make a living, and in some cases less. 

Join my Ultimate Wedding Planning Mentoring and I will show you exactly what you need to do to start to get that 20; it’s something that other wedding planners do so wrong and results in tumbleweed rolling through their booking books! 

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