This is one of the biggest dilemmas newbie wedding planners ask me. It’s a Catch22 situation isn’t it? You know you could do an fabulous job at planning weddings but without any weddings to show it’s difficult to prove to any potential clients. It’s really difficult to get over the feeling of being a ‘fake’ when you are a genuine person and you are asking couples to pay you thousands of dollars of their hard earned cash to plan their wedding when they have probably as much experience as you at planning a wedding!

Feeling like a fake or feeling like you do not deserve to be paid for something that is so enjoyable are common guilt feelings that pop up for start-up wedding planners.

I do invite my graduates along to my weddings for first hand experience and I let them shadow me online as I deal with clients from enquiry to the wedding day so they can see exactly how I deal with clients from start to finish. I also refer enquiries on to my students which has given most of my students their first wedding bookings, which I help them with every step of the way.

However I do realise not everyone gets the chance to be mentored by me and getting experience of dealing with real wedding couples is essential.  So here’s a great way to start getting experience of real brides.

When I started wedding planning, I got my ‘client’ experience by having a free advice area on my website – in less than three months I got over 500 couples asking me all sorts of questions about planning a wedding.

I answered every single one of them and any I couldn’t answer I researched the answers to. This was before Facebook existed (yes I am that old) so you have it much easier than me!

All you need to do is join online groups where brides-to-be are hanging out and start answering their questions. There are hundreds of these groups with thousands of brides in need of direction about their wedding.

This is a great way to really see what issues brides are concerned about, what they are looking for and to get confident answering questions about weddings. Be super helpful and as your confidence and business grows these sites will be a great place to get your first clients also!

Below are a few Facebook page suggestions to get you started!


I am launching Group Training and Mentoring very soon! It will be a small pilot group and I am looking for 5 people to join up who really, really want to start their own wedding planning business within the next 12 months.

Interested? Then email “I WANT TO BE A WEDDING PLANNER!’ to me on: and I’ll send you more details!



Have you joined my Facebook page for wedding planners and want to be wedding planners?

If not click here and join Wedding Planner Success!

Here are two samples of the Facebook groups I’m talking about where ‘To-Be’s hangout:

Wedding Planning Made Simple

Wedding Abroad Community

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